Welcome to int-globalwoodshipping

We are a young company with a long time experience in exporting top quality wood. We have grown from a small business to a medium sized company with many satisfied customers. Int-globalwoodshipping is also a reliable partner for global wood exports. Our strength is to deliver customized and, if necessary, also on short-term. That is what we stand for: reliable in execution and reliable in agreed time. When exporting goods, there are often tight deadlines. Because we employ only qualified employees, we can also guarantee this, and we are therefore always guaranteed our products and services. We have the best prices and careful with our qualities. int-globalwoodshipping, customer service is part of our agreement. For every question or advice on exporting wood, we are ready to help you.

Why Containershipping

The freight advantage, a faster crossing because there are les landing ports. less loading and unloading, weather effects barely play a role.The freight is stored in a close space- container freight station- received and delivered for less quantity then one container. Because the freight moves less you can save money on the packaging.